Word of Mouth

Bad weekend for barbecue at Big Hoss, Q Worldly Barbecue

Big Hoss Bar-B-Q , at 3961 Tennyson Street, has been hot since it first opened back in December 2006, and earned raves from Jason Sheehan a year later. But this is ridiculous:

After a cook left the smoker open on Saturday, the Big Hoss kitchen caught fire -- and the restaurant had to shut down this weekend.There was no damage to the dining room, though, and owner Hoss Orwat promises to open back up by July 6.

Q Worldly Barbecue at 2817 East Third Avenue, which recently got its own rave from Sheehan, experienced another unnatural disaster: A sprinkler malfunctioned on Thursday, flooding the restaurant. It's currently closed for repairs, but hopes to reopen by July 3.