Cafe Society

Whoa! Big Hoss opening halted

After a kitchen fire at the end of June, Big Hoss Bar-B-Q had hoped to reopen by the Fourth of July weekend. When Hoss Orwat's barbecue joint blew through that deadline, it set July 15 as a goal. But Big Hoss didn't make that one, either.

The tentative reopening date for the restaurant at 3961 Tennyson Street is now August 3, to take advantage of First Friday crowds. "That's what we're looking at now," says manager Sherry Boyer. "We keep getting blindsided with stuff. We're replacing a lot of things, and everything needs to fall into line." The new pit, for example, which will take a few days to set.

While the kitchen will be new, Big Hoss isn't making many fixes to the dining room, or the menu -- although it's adding a few items and taking a few others off. "They might be missed by some," Boyer notes. But regulars are so eager for Big Hoss to reopen, they should take the changes in stride.

"They're salivating," she says.