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Reader: Cafe Society isn't picture perfect, either

Restaurants whose websites have too little information. Restaurants whose websites have too much information. Restaurants whose websites don't exist. Readers have plenty of their own gripes to add to our "Fifteen most annoying restaurant website mistakes." And Cafe Society isn't flaw-free, either.

GFTW offers this:

Good Lord. First of all, only post food porn if it's professionally photographed. As Gordon Ramsay says, "Photos on a menu -- always a bad sign!"

Way more annoying than using Flash is the iPhone not supporting Flash.

Music's not a big deal, but give the option to mute it. Frank Bonanno's Osteria Marco website is pretty tasteful.

"11. Slide shows. Just give us all the food porn on a single page. It's not like you're counting on pageviews."

Have you looked at your own website, WestWord? Your slideshows are TERRIBLE. Often around 50 photos which you have to click thru 50 times! I often lose interest after about 10. Do like Wired and have the option for all on one page.

But in defense, I recently pulled up Davie's Chuck Wagon Diner's offensive website, heavily laden with obnoxious animated GIFs:

To that, let us add this gripe: Websites, like that of Davies Chuck Wagon, the iconic diner on West Colfax Avenue, that neglect to note when one of their locations closes, as the Davies' outpost on West Alameda did many months ago.

Kosmikdebris has more criticisms -- of both restaurant websites in general, and this post in particular:

Unless a restaurant only has a few dishes to select from I have no objection to a menu with a scroll bar...especially for restaurants like Le Central with a truly constant changing menu. There are a few good suggestions here...though the tone of the article makes me less open to some of the authors suggestions and also makes me question the authors credibility. Forgetting directions and posting appropriate information like hours, address, phone number could have been combined into one point. I'm not a big fan of food photo slides. The chef at Le Central changes his menu weekly and they do keep their website menu updated not so good on their blog but I don't need a picture of tripe (by the way it was delicious) and I'd rather have a Chef/Owner focused on their food than on their blog...not many customers actually review meals. So blogs can be difficult. A few elegant pictures cool...but I don't need a Denny's menu presented. Too many pics makes me Leary...instead of cutting down "corporate schmoes and their choice of music" which may or may not be true (my best friend loves the music and is "uncorporate" as possible and my corporate pals are all Deadheads yikes...nasty generalizations!!...why not objectively come up with a list to be helpful. Certainly (most) corporate types support good restaurants and why must we imply corporate types are always bad...much less "types" the way this article is written just seems immature. Some good points overshadowed by "attitude."

What's your biggest restaurant website gripe? Your biggest Cafe Society gripe?