Word of Mouth

Potager is back in action with a new menu after a summer vacation

Get ready to enjoy the bounty of Potager's garden and local farms. The Capitol Hill restaurant has returned from a two and a half week summer vacation, and with its reopening, brings a new menu bursting with seasonal summer faves like corn, eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes and peaches. Take a look:


HOMEMADE GOAT CHEESE RAVIOLI with morton's orchard peaches, corn and red wine syrup 12.50

BABA GHANOUJ, EGGPLANT CAPONATA & FRIED EGGPLANT made with red wagon farm eggplant, with socca cakes 12.00

INGRID'S MUSSELS wood fired in a cast iron pot with fennel, garlic, tomato, herbs and grilled bread 18.00

WARM, TWICE BAKED MUNSON FARM CORN AND RICOTTA SOUFFLE with red wagon farm cherry tomatoes and basil 12.00

GRILLED HALOUMMI CHEESE with rosemary pickled 2r's farm peppers, tomatoes, olives, oregano and lemon confit 12.00

STONINGTON LOBSTER, RED WAGON FARM CUCUMBER AND MELON SALAD in a chilled melon soup with crème fraiche and fresh lemon balm 15.00

SALAD OF MORTON'S ORCHARD PEACHES, FRESH MOZZARELLA, PROSCUITTO with cracked almonds and fresh basil 15.00

PACHAMAMA FARM GREEN BEAN SALAD with raw corn, cherry tomatoes, bacon, basil and marjoram 10.00

CURE FARM BEET AND CUCUMBER SALAD with red wine vinaigrette and olive tapenade 10.00

ABBONDANZA FARM ZUCCHINI CARPACCIO with toasted almonds, parmesan reggiano, mint and extra virgin olive oil 9.00

THE BEST FARMER'S MARKET TOMATO SALAD with basil and extra virgin olive oil 10.00

THIN CRUST PIZZA from the wood oven, topped with fresh peaches, roasted peppers, basil, haystack mountains goat cheese and balsamic syrup 15.50

HAND CUT PASTA NOODLES tossed with munson farm corn, corn juice, grilled zucchini, marjoram butter and pecorino cheese 18.00

JOHN LONG'S SPICY TOMATO BRAISED PORK RIBS with a peach-cucumber slaw and pickled watermelon rind 25.00

FOX FIRE FARM'S GRASS FED LAMB MEATBALLS tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onion, peppers, goat feta, mint and yogurt dressing 25.00

GRILLED GRASS ROOT'S FARM GRASS FED STRIP STEAK with basil butter and a salad of potatoes, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, buttermilk dressing and fried onions 29.00

SEARED RARE TUNA NICOISE with green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, farm egg, olives and tomato-oregano vinaigrette 29.00

PAN ROASTED ALASKAN HALIBUT in a chilled corn soup with a zucchini pancake and a salad of tomato, corn, cucumbers, fennel, green beans, basil, mint and summer melon 29.00

WOOD OVEN ROASTED WISDOM FARM HERB CHICKEN PANZANELLA with tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, currants, pinenuts, olives, basil, fresh mozzarella, toasted croutons and champagne vinaigrette 22.50

Potager, located at 1109 Ogden, is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 10 p.m. It changes its menu and wine list monthly. The restaurant does not accept reservations. For more information, ring 303-832-5788.