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Gourmet hot dogs and sausages coming soon to Broadway and Larimer

Just got off the phone with Bill Feid, a Denver entrepreneur who's never done a restaurant, but has firm plans in place to open Billy's, a gourmet hot dog and sausage shack, at 2445 Larimer Street in mid-November.

According to Feid, this isn't going to be your average dog house. Instead, he explains, his namesake joint will peddle "healthy, high-quality non-processed hot dogs and sausages" that are free of preservatives and light on the salt. "We're really going to try to dumb down the salt and instead use other great spices and flavors, and we definitely want to stay away from all meat processing," Feid says.

He'll offer eight different hot dogs and an additional eight varieties of sausages on a rotating menu that'll also include french fries (which might be greaseless if Feid can figure out how to fry french fries without oil) and a few salads. But mostly, he says, Billy's will be a stop for "stepped up" sausages and dogs: "We're using a custom manufacturer, grinding all of our own meats, using all of our own recipes and seasonings, and our casings will be either pork or sheep."

The 1,287-square-foot space will be the largest of the four or five stores that Feid plans to roll out throughout metro Denver. And once he accomplishes that, he'll take his concept to California. "This is something that we've been studying for five years, and we think the timing is appropriate for high-quality value meals," he insists. "That's what people are looking for."