Hot dog! An award-winning Colorado recipe

Maria Carrion-Kozak of Colorado just took home the grand prize from Oscar Mayer's Sabor de Mama recipe contest. Carrion-Kozak's award-winner, "Tortilla Mama Luisa," is a variation on her grandmother's original Tortilla Espanola recipe -- the hot dogs are new -- and dedicated to her mother Luisa.

"Oscar Mayer congratulates Mrs. Carrion-Kozak for having a dish that rose above all other entries," proclaimed Samantha Gammell, a senior associate brand manager at Oscar Mayer. "Her 'Tortilla Mama Luisa' recipe is not only delicious but is an excellent representation on how you can integrate Oscar Mayer hot dogs into traditional everyday Latin dishes."

As the winner, Carrion-Kozak received a grand prize of $5,000 and will be featured in the fall issue of Kraft Comida y Familia magazine. You can find the winning recipe at Fair warning: It's in Spanish