Have a Rocky Mountain Caipirinha for Carnival

Tonight is the last night of Carnival, and if you're looking for a way to join in the celebration without leaving the state, Jared Boller at TAG (1441 Larimer Street) has crafted a Rocky Mountain Caipirinha made with Cabana Cachaça, Colorado wildflower honey, Palisade peaches and lemon juice.

"Inspired by the breathtaking landscape, the Rocky Mountain Caipirinha is crafted with the finest Brazilian rum and has an unforgettable local flavor you won't want to miss," he says.

It sounds fantastic, even though I would suggest that just because a drink is made with Cachaca does not mean it is a Caipirinha. The Caipirinha, designated the National Cocktail of Brazil, has three ingredients: Cachaca, limes and superfine sugar on crushed ice. I've seen other fruits substituted, such as strawberries and cherries, but if there's no lime, there's no Caipirinha.