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A journey through the Aspen Food & Wine Classic's swag bag

In between feedings of pig skin from José Andrés's own hands, the hysterical father-daughter banter between Jacques and Claudine Pépin during their caviar cooking demo, Tom Colicchio's mighty fine guitar playing and passable singing and a really, really sloshed middle-aged drunk throwing up really, really good wine just outside the front door of the Little Nell, chefs, VIPs with learjets and members of the press covering the Aspen Food & Wine magazine Classic pawed their way through the Green Room, a gifting area where chosen ones stuffed their logoed Food & Wine bag with all kinds of swag.

The boodle wasn't quite as grab-worthy as it's been in the past, but a tour through Swag Headquarters revealed everything from a Nuance wine finer, a cool little gadget that filters, aerates, pours and preserves wine to a candy apple-red KitchenAid silicone bakeware set and sea salt from the Cayman Islands.

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