Cafe Society

Go underground tonight with Troy Guard and TAG

Beginning at 6 p.m. tonight -- and then every Monday night until you hear otherwise -- TAG, Troy Guard's new restaurant in Larimer Square at 1441 Larimer Street, will transform its lower level into "TAG-Underground," a subterranean food hall, movie house and cocktail emporium geared toward industry types. But even if you're a weed whacker, politician or mortician, you're still invited.

Here's the deal: For $30 per person (excluding tax and tip), Guard and his kitchen groupies will treat you to a three-course menu featuring dishes that you won't see on the regular board. "We really want to have some fun with this menu and prepare super top-notch food that would normally be expensive at prices that are great value," Guard explained, adding that he and his staff are also doing this to give back to the community. "We want to take care of the people who take care of us, and by giving them a great three-course deal, we can do that."

The lower level, which has both a dining room and a bar, has been a hard sell since Guard opened TAG's doors back on May 18, but he's hoping that the Monday night dinners will change that. "The downstairs level is really cool and it's a great space where everyone can mingle and catch up and have fun talking to each other," Guard told me. The fact that these Monday night powwows will also include $5 cocktails and wines, plus flicks shown on a big screen, "maybe some Kill Bill stuff and old movies," mused Guard, can only help.

If you want to make a reservation, you should start dialing 303-996-9985 right now, since there's only space for 50 people. And if you want to know what you're being fed, your humble servant has the spread:

First course: Caramelized sea scallops with cauliflower puree, Bing cherries, smoked Colorado peaches, house-cured prosciutto, cilantro relish and port gastrique

Second course: Barbecued bulgogi-style strip loin with griddled kimchi rice cake, watercress and chicken feet papaya salad, quail egg and Korean pepper vinaigrette

Third course: Cheese plate Cana de cabra--soft ripened goat's milk cheese from Spain Muoco camambert--soft pasteurized cow's milk cheese from Colorado Fiore sardo--semi-hard sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia

Oh, and a few last words from TAG general manager, Jonathan Greschler: No monkeys are allowed, don't try to book on because that won't fly and most important, these nights are all about "chilling out and throwing down."