Dick Wadhams on the loose

Dick Wadhams, alone at Pepsi Center.

Most broadcast operations at the Pepsi Center during the Democratic National Convention are ensconced on the club level, and when I entered the zone, I found no security, no technicians, no one at all -- except for Dick Wadhams, head of the Colorado Republican Party and former Westword profile subject who recently appeared in a blog on this site after successfully driving state Dems to distraction simply by uttering the word "ass." We had a good laugh about that last one before moving on to other topics. He wasn't sure precisely when big name Republicans would be hitting town -- he thought Mitt Romney was scheduled to arrive today, with Rudy Giuliani following tomorrow. When I asked if they'd actually make their way to the Pepsi Center, he replied, "Oh no. They wouldn't let them in here." Wadhams had no trouble gaining entrance, however, happily sharing his views during an appearance on Channel 31, with another to follow. As for his take on the convention to date, he called it "great theater." I suspect he didn't mean that in a nice way. -- Michael Roberts