March 4: "Critical Tuesday"

The night started out with Vermont being crazy. Not crazy because they went for frontrunners Barack Obama and John McCain, in sizeable fashion (Obama carried white voters, male voters and even female voters by smart margins), but because they voted to arrest Bush and Cheney, 2,012 to 1,795. If that terrible twosome ever venture into Brattleboro County on the southern corner of the state, they could be arrested for their Oval Office crimes. Vermont remains the only state that Bush has not visited during his presidency; I wonder why.

That's the kind of night it was. Democrats full of fight. Against Bush and Cheney, against the GOP, against fellow candidates, against a possible McCain presidency, against the march of time in campaigns they clearly don't want to end.

Weather and ballot shortages in Sandusky County and “voting irregularities” (read-terminal insanity) in Cuyahoga Counties delayed results in Ohio, as that state once again made its case to upend Florida as the one most unworthy of democratic rights.