Thanks Bob!

Thanks, Bob Schaffer, for not condemning the contemptuous ad campaign done by a 527 out of Virginia (who better to know about Colorado politics, after all?) that uses the pride that kids have for their school to make them into shills for your political aspirations, based on a record that they know nothing about, nor should they be expected to understand.

Thanks, Bob, for not asking to have that ad campaign stopped even after its approach was denounced by local newspapers, and revealed to have been released without identifying who paid the almost half-million for the ads, as required by Federal Election law.

Thanks, Bob, for pretending to support children and their educations when you were one of only four members of Congress to actually vote against the continuation of funding for student loans.

Thanks, Bob, for being one of the "Dirty Dozen" members of Congress, based on your dismal and unapologetic voting record as it pertains to the environment. Because as we all know, kids today aren't interested in environmental protection, or inheriting a cleaner world.

Thanks, Bob, for "doing the right thing…even when no one's looking," according to the new kid-usury ad by that same Virginia 527. And this is completely, utterly true, except for that time in the Mariana Islands, on a trip sponsored by Jack Abramoff, when you made a glad-handing tour of a sweatshop that's been accused of sex trafficking and forced abortions, and then went parasailing.

Thanks, Bob, for keeping your pledge to serve only three terms.

Thanks, Bob, for depending almost exclusively on having kept that pledge to argue in support for your upcoming election, which would sort of eliminate the keeping of that pledge originally, unless you're hanging your hat on the argument that you meant just the House, and not Washington in general. Which is sort of a weasely way to justify a campaign supposedly based on honesty and integrity, isn't it?

Thanks, Bob, for letting Colorado see exactly where your loyalties lie. As those 527 ads say--we couldn't have done it without you. -- Teague Bohlen