Delegating Denver #8 of 56: Connecticut

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Total Number of Delegates: 61 Pledged: 48 Unpledged: 13

How to Recognize a Connecticut Delegate: Prepare to be astonished. Despite the gender-specific clothing worn by delegates from Connecticut, their facial and physical features are absolutely gender-neutral. Connecticut men look just like Connecticut women, and vice versa! And to top it off, there isn't a single "Nutmegger" who would take this observation as an insult. Because Connecticuters are, without a doubt, the most spiritually, intellectually and materially advanced citizens in the United States of America. That's because Nutmeggers are empowered. They embrace all that would be considered an insult to their fellow-countrymen and wear it like a feather in their cap. British military officers during the Revolutionary War wrote and sang the song "Yankee Doodle" to mock the androgynous "haughty couture" fashion sense of colonial Connecticuters. But who's laughing now? Look for delegates with macaroni in their caps, who keep it up, and who ´round the town are sweet as candy.

Famous Nutmeggers: Ann Coulter, Benedict Arnold, President George W. Bush, Katharine Hepburn, Ernest Borgnine, Glenn Close, John Mayer, Liz Phair, Michael Bolton, Seth MacFarlane, David LaChapelle, Eriq La Salle, Dick Ebersol

Famous Connecticut Democrats: 2008 presidential candidiate Christopher Dodd; perpetual presidential candidate Joseph Leiberman; first U.S. female elected governor Ella T. Grasso; first African-American female elected mayor Carrie Saxon-Perry; fresh-faced rising superstar representative Chris Murphy and Speaker of the House James A. (Arrogant) Amann

Famous Nutmeggers With Denver Connections: Former Denver Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski; former Colorado Avalanche Chris Drury; Nuggets center Marcus Camby; cable magnate John Malone; Opera Colorado arm-twister Peter Russell; Denver Mountain Parks designer Frederick Law Olmsted

State Nickname: The Constitution State (officially), The Nutmeg State (unofficially) Population: 3,504,809 Racial Distribution: 75% white, 10% black, 3% Asian, 1% Native American, 11% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $47, 819 Unemployment: 6%

Recommendations for Connecticut Delegation: