Delegating Denver #1 of 56: Alabama

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Total number of Delegates: 60 Pledged: 52 Unpledged: 8

How to Recognize an Alabama Delegate: Alabamians are masters at mixing and matching fashion styles, and are often noted for the vast number of separates that they wear in surprising combination. Their style is fostered by a unique cultural phenomenon: Alabama is home to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro. This is the location where all unclaimed luggage from all of the nation's airports goes to be unpacked, sorted and sold. It is Alabama's favorite place to shop. Despite their ensembles, all delegates will look vaguely familiar because they are wearing the rest of the country's lost clothing. In addition, all Alabamians wear crimson-colored accessories that feature a bold letter "A," which further highlights their Alabamaness.

Famous Alabamians: Hank Aaron, Hank Williams, Willie Mays, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Coretta Scott King, Emmylou Harris and Jim Nabors

Famous Alabama Democrats: George Wallace, William Brockman Bankhead (Tallulah's dad)

Famous Alabamians With Denver Connections: Condoleezza Rice (University of Denver)

State Nickname: Heart of Dixie Population: 4,599,030 Racial Distribution: 71% white, 26% black, 1% Asian, 2% Hispanic Per capita personal income: $25,000 Unemployment: 6%