Looking for Larry #3

Preston Peerman just checked in with his latest investigation of DIA's restrooms, and his ongoing search for Larry Craig: Location: DIA men's restroom across from the shoe-shine stand in the B concourse (just as you come up the escalator from the train). Due to the fact that I arrived two hours early for my flight, I had an ample amount of time to select a prime stall for potential "Larry viewing."

The first 30 minutes have been quite boring. Way too many skateboarding shoes were "coming and going" in the stalls to the left and right of me and I knew that Larry wouldn't be wearing something like that.

But wait... it looks as though a pair of freshly shined Allen Edmond shoes have just planted themselves on the floor in the stall to my left. I see a constant and heavy tap in the shoe and then a bag touches the floor for a just a second before it is removed from the painted concrete. I am 99% certain that the the side of the briefcase said "Boise"!!! Yes, the city that is the capital of the great state of Idaho. The tapping shoes, the verification of the state, it must be Larry!

I quickly exit the stall and position myself for a citizen's arrest (I have an official-looking, plastic badge that I bought at Mile High Flea Market that looks pretty intimidating).

I hear wipe, a zip, a flush, and the latch of the stall door click. Look out, Larry, we don't put up with that type of behavior in the Mile High City!

Oops.... I must have read the side of the briefcase wrong when I took my first glance. It was a "BOSE" poly bag from a pair of "QuietComfort Noise Cancelling headphones" purchased from the kiosk located across from the Great Steak Escape. I think I startled this fellow passenger as he must have had the tuned-out the world while listening to his IPOD in the stall with his new set of Bose headphones.

No other activity to report. ~ Preston Peerman