The Last Gasp

This afternoon, the office of Congresswoman Diana DeGette, vice-chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, sent out a release noting that she was supporting legislation to suspend the filling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve through the end of the year, which the House will vote on tonight: “Congress is taking immediate action to address the gas crisis in our country,” said DeGette. “Suspending shipments to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve will increase supply to the marketplace, bring down the price of oil, and provide relief for consumers at the gas pump. With our economy facing uncertain times, this is a critical first step in restoring consumer confidence. I encourage President George W. Bush to stand up for the American consumer by signing this legislation into law.”

Commendable sentiments, but the best part of the release was its subject line: "Relief for Consumers at the Gasp Pump."

Was "gasp" an intentional joke, or a brilliant mistake? A mistake, confesses DeGette aide Kristofer Eisenla. But accurate nonetheless. -- Patricia Calhoun