Delegating Denver #7 of 56: Colorado

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Colorado Total Number of Delegates: 71 Pledged: 55 Unpledged: 16

How to Recognize a Colorado Delegate: Colorado delegates are hard to see, especially if they’re standing behind a streetlight or a trash can, because Colorado residents tend to be thinner than the average American. Most will boast that their trim figure is the result of their active Colorado lifestyle of biking, hiking and winter sports, but that's not true. Coloradans are thinner simply because the high-altitude air that they breathe has 30 percent fewer calories than air at sea level. Perhaps the easier way to find a Colorado delegate is not by sight, but by how they sound. Listen for the purr of their incessant boasting. Coloradans are the biggest braggarts in the whole U.S.A., and they love to regale visitors with the latest results from national magazine polls that tout everything from the state's robust singles scene to its dog-friendly picnic getaways. Colorado boosterism is not loud and showy, but it is relentless. Colorado delegates don't mean to offend the residents of other states, mind you; the boasting is more of a repetitive personal mantra to remind themselves of the small perks of Colorado living that compensate for the loss of the larger pay scales and career opportunities available to Americans who live on the coasts.

Famous Coloradans: Trey Parker, M. Scott Carpenter, Lon Chaney Sr., Eugene Fodor, Ken Kesey, Dalton Trumbo, Jello Biafra, Amy Van Dyken, Jack Dempsey

Famous Colorado Democrats: Byron R. White, Wayne N. Aspinall, Pat Schroeder, Diana DeGette, Federico Peña, Roy Romer, Dick Lamm (off and on)

Famous Americans who were born actually born in Denver: Isaac Slade (The Fray), Jill Sobule, Chauncey Billups, Karl Rove, Ruth Handler (inventor of the Barbie doll), India.Arie, Duane "Dog" Chapman, Tim Allen, Ace Young

State Nickname: The Centennial State Population: 4,753,377 Racial Distribution: 72% white, 4% black, 3% Asian, 1% Native American, 20% Hispanic Per Capita Personal Income: $34,238 Unemployment: 6%