Do no-obligation Obama tickets have strings attached?

Volunteers wanted.

I was waiting by my phone for the call or text that was supposed to be coming from the Obama campaign today, letting me know if I’d be given a ticket to the acceptance speech at Invesco on August 28. Instead, I received an e-mail from a friend asking me if I'd received the same message as her last night – that in order to obtain a ticket, I’d need to put in six volunteer hours for the Obama campaign by Friday.

Last week’s public announcement and the language on the online application promised that you didn’t have to be an Obama supporter or even a Democrat to score "community credentials," but that those who volunteered would be in the running for better seats. So, being the independent I am, I did not check the box indicating I’d be willing to volunteer. My friend did, and the message she received implied that tickets would only be going to the first people to finish their volunteer duties. It was so convincing that she went straight to her local Campaign for Change office last night to get her first three hours in. Everybody she talked to was also a first-time volunteer, hoping to earn an Invesco ticket. Clever campaigning.

Listen to the message yourself after the jump. -- Jessica Centers