Here kitty, kitty: More mountain lions in Colorado's urban areas

How many times have you seen a mountain lion? Egg-freaking-xactly: Those furry buggers are nature's ninjas, and if they don't want you to see them, they usually won't let that happen.

But that doesn't mean they aren't around: In fact, you're probably more likely to see one off the Pearl Street Mall than by a lake in the Weminuche. The Colorado Division of Wildlife just released a study documenting between 4,500 and 5,000 mountain lions in the entire state, and they discovered that the big cats are moving through urban areas in the Front Range at an increased rate.

"Like most wildlife, they'll actually move through the drainage areas and green belts that we have in towns," Jennifer Churchill, with the DOW, said.

They've also learned that cougars are less concerned with your pet than you might think. Sure, they'll nosh on an errant Fido or FiFi if they get a chance, but they'd much rather go for the classics: deer or elk.

The DOW gleaned their information by outfitting 44 mountain lions with radio collars and tracking them. But it seems those collars came with a curse: Of the original pool, only 18 are left--most became roadkill or suffered from poor health.

Anyone out there seen a mountain lion in the wild? Share your story in the comments, and I'll reward you with a truckload of jealousy.