"Hipster Hitler," the most ironic hipster humor of all

Earlier today, we brought you the results of a study that concluded that hipsters hate hipsters. In that vein, we're bringing you "Hipster Hitler," a relatively recent arrival on the web comic scene, which reimagines Der Fuhrer as a somewhat petulant, irony-obsessed fop existentially bored with his own quest for world domination. Is it in poor taste? Absolutely, but it's also consistently clever and hilarious, and, like all truly brilliant postmodern humor, it skewers everything, including itself.

In recent pop-culture history, as Thorin Klosowski noted earlier today, there's seldom been a construct as simultaneously embraced and rejected as hipsterdom, and this comic is an excellent example of the phenomenon: While it pokes fun at hipsters, it's at the same time true hipster humor, essentially self-referential. From the stiff, clip-art style illustration (clearly a nod to David Rees' "Get Your War On," which mocked the war on terrorism using a recurring cycle of the same illustrations) to the wry, low-key punchlines, "Hipster Hitler" is too accurate a portrayal of what hipsters think is funny to come from anyone but hipsters.

Being ironic, as usual.