Comedian Rusty Z discusses his history in hypnotism -- and puts me under

Comedian Rusty Z has hypnotized tens of thousands of people over the last fifteen years. So when I was talking to him about his Comedy Works South shows this weekend and then asked him to hypnotize me, it was nothing out of the ordinary. For him, at least.

I had never been hypnotized before. And while today I am a cynical atheist who rolls his eyes at anything outside the logic of science, my rural Pentecostal background taught me to believe that hypnotism would lead to all kinds of demonic possession and an eternity in Hell. Yet despite all this (and despite the heavy dose of Adderall I'd taken beforehand), Rusty Z unquestionably placed me under his dominating spell. Thankfully, we were alone in the Comedy Works green room, with only the CW publicist on hand to take pictures of my unconscious behavior. Keep reading for my interview with Rusty Z, as well as my experience being hypnotized.

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