Breeality Bites

Once upon a time, Lipgloss DJ Michael Trundle was my babysitter. (Okay, not really)

If you're from Denver (or you've lived here for more than eight consecutive months) you know how small it can feel; it's like three degrees of separation between you, your favorite barista at Pablo's and your best friend from eighth-grade summer camp. Because that favorite barista is also your yoga teacher, your roommate's cousin and friends with your group of friends who moved to Portland together because they were in the same band.

This is how Michael Trundle -- or DJ Boyhollow, one of a trio of DJs who began Denver's now-legendary weekly club night, Lipgloss, in 2001 -- and I should know each other. But in reality, our moms were once nurses together in the same ER. When I called him to talk about Lipgloss's move to Beauty Bar, I tried to get Michael to tell an embarrassing story from the chunk of childhood we sort of spent together -- but neither of us had anything juicy. Turns out we're just two people who both enjoy listening to Joy Division, grew up in Denver and like our moms.