Are you a whole man or a well woman? This weekend's expos can help you decide

Need to check in with your physical and mental health? Tomorrow, September 8, the Whole Man Expo invites men (and women) of all ages to sit in on lectures regarding male well-being at the Cable Center. Coincidentally, just a few blocks away at Porter Adventist Hospital, the Women's Expo is happening at the same time, with presentations on stress relief, weight loss, nutrition and more. We took a peek at both gender-based health fairs to find out exactly what makes the man's show so different from the women's expo.

According to founder Jim Sharon in the Whole Man Expo introduction video, "While our gender has made significant strides in our personal and social development, overall, our status has been declining. We generally have more struggles than women do." At first glance, this seemed like a strange (broad and possibly untrue) statement, but the men's day actually does go a little deeper: Speakers at the Whole Man Expo's list will address topics ranging from feminism to addiction and societal challenges faced by minority men.

On the physically-oriented side, the Whole Man Expo will provide sessions on movement and yoga, teach the group-singing techniques of chanting, and offer Aikido demonstrations. The event kicks off at 8:40 a.m. and tickets start at $27; for more information or to register for the day, visit the event's website.

At the Women's Expo (which is completely unrelated to the Whole Man Expo), the focus is more on physical health. Beginning at 7 a.m. at Porter Adventist Hospital, 2525 South Downing Street, the free event will include panel discussions and presentations on urogynecology, sleeplessness, diabetes education, blood pressure and more.

Women can ante up for low-cost blood work and mammograms (some insurance will be taken on-site, too), as well as a chance to speak one-on-one with health experts. The "fun" portion of the fair features bra fittings, make-up and hair consultation, and chair massage. And what woman-centered event would be complete without free Zumba classes? They run at 8:20 a.m. and noon.

The 2012 Women's Expo is free, but pre-registration is required and can be done by calling Ask-A-Nurse at 303-777-6877. For more information, visit the hospital's website.