Get on the party bus with some of our favorite rides -- from Film on the Rocks to the Rollergirls

It's hard to argue with the concept of the Party Bus. You can drink. You don't have to drive (or park). And you don't waste drinking time (precious) by driving (risky).

While there have always been private rentals and party buses taking Broncos and Avs fans from various bars around town to Invesco Field or the Pepsi Center, this summer saw a new crop of party buses that offered something extra.

Film on the Rocks Party Bus Starz FilmCenter wanted a way to involve more people in Film on the Rocks and give them a little something extra, says spokesman Keith Garcia. So it came up with the idea for a bus that would take people to Red Rocks -- and provide drinks on the way.

The $60 party-bus package includes complimentary food and drinks at Big Game, a rockin' round-trip ride to and from Red Rocks, booze on the way (bigger traffic jam, more drinks), a ticket to the movie and roped-off VIP seating. "It gets rid of all the elements that people complain about," Garcia says, from the long drive and the parking hassles to the dinner decision. Starz has typically been running three to four buses per movie, with 25-30 people on board each one. "We wanted to make sure it's not overly packed," he adds. "We wanted it to be roomy and fun."

There's only one more Film on the Rocks Party Bus planned, however, the Lost Boys Party Bus on Tuesday, August 3. For info, check out the Starz website.

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls Denver's oldest roller derby squad has been rollin' in the PBR Party Bus for a couple of years now, taking fans -- and team members -- from the Skylark Lounge, at 140 South Broadway, to their bouts (this year, they're at the Bladium Sports Club).

But the Girls added a second bus this year, transporting roller derby lovers from the Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, 1265 Boston Avenue, to the bouts.

Both buses cost $27 and are 21+ only; they include the price of admission and free beer (up to four beers on the Left Hand Bus). Then the buses return to their point of departure, which means an after-party at the Skylark for the Denver bus.

Denver Roller Dolls Party Bus Not to be outdone by their cross-town rivals, the Denver Roller Dolls debuted their own party bus this year that leaves from the Wynkoop Brewing Company, 1634 18th Street, and goes to the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, where the Dolls to their thin.

While the Wynkoop brewed a special beer in honor the team, bus riders (including some of the Dolls) get complimentary cans of Rail Yard Ale and noisemakers. Thirty bucks gets you a seat on the 21+ bus and a ticket to the bout.

The Boulder Brew Bus Operated by Boulder's West End Tavern, the Boulder Brew Bus (run by Banjo Billy's hillbilly bus tours) leaves the bar at 5:30 p.m. on Sundays through August for a trip to three local breweries: Upslope, Twisted Pine and Avery.

The $30 trip includes samples and tours of all three breweries, and appetizers at West End.