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Reader: Keith Garcia should stick to picking films, not lottery numbers

For our New Year's Guide, we asked thirteen cultural tastemakers three specific questions -- but since they're all very involved in the local arts scenes, their answers were very different, and very wide-ranging.As programming manager for the newly christened Sie FilmCenter , Keith Garcia works hard to bring eclectic first-run features to Denver -- along with the actors, directors and writers behind the films. An unapologetic cult-movie fanatic, Garcia's programming blurs the line between big budget and art house, creating a year-round calendar of exciting, surprising films.

More exciting than our interview with him, one reader suggests.

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Says DenverDoughboy

Kind of a vapid interview, due probably to the stupid questions posed by Westword rather than Mr. Garcia's answers. You'd hope that the guy would actually talk about film, which he supposedly is the tastemaker of. Oh well. And let me just say that Mr. Garcia's view of how the lottery and random numbers work is as stupid and crazy as Ted Nugent. How can there be a lottery algorithm that determines which numbers are more likely to miss? And buying separate tickets to "reset" the algorithm? That's not math or anything like it; it's as ritualistic as rubbing a rabbit's foot. Stick to film picking. (By the way, I enjoyed seeing the remastered Le Grande Illusion last week at the Sie FilmCenter.

The answers to our trio of questions we asked for our New Year's Eve Guide were so interesting -- and in some cases, so long -- that we decided to do separate posts for all thirteen interviews. So blame Westword for the questions, and thank Keith Garcia for the movies he brings to Denver all year long. BTW, he posted his own response to Denver Doughboy here.