Browser game of the week: Kick Ass

We know the deal: You're looking for ways to waste time at work, and we're here to help you waste it. Hence, Browser game of the week, where we'll comb the depths of the Flash game vortex and pick different games for you to waste away your Wednesday with. We'll do our best to feature a wide variety of picks, from click-happy puzzlers to artsy showboating. Our pick this week goes to Kick Ass (we're actually just giving it that name, it may be something else, perhaps Hello, Want to Kill Some Time?).

This isn't the usual type of browser game that we talk about here, but considering there is a score, we're comfortable calling it a game. Okay, you got us -- it's been a slow week for Flash games -- but still, give this game a shot. At least take a little pleasure in destroying this article.

As best as we can tell, Kick Ass is a Java applet that inserts a scoring system and a Asteroids-style spaceship in your web browser -- you get points for blowing up different portions of the website. Think the picture above is stupid? Blow it up. Think those ads are annoying? Destroy them. It's as simple as that. It helps if you make your own "pew-pew-pew" sound effects too.

It actually gets a bit more fun if you wander off the beaten path and head over to a website you hate -- say, Fox News, where you can take great pleasure in blowing up pictures of Glenn Beck, or you can head over to CNBC and set Keith Olbermann ablaze -- whatever suits your fancy.

What's neat here isn't the game -- it's a time waster certainly, but it's not remarkable from a gameplay standpoint. What's remarkably entertaining is the blow-shit-up-that-you-see-everyday aspect, which, really, is everyone's secret desire. Just make sure your boss is far away on lunch before you start shooting at the corporate website.

Grab the applet here, place it in your browser's bookmarks bar and get to destroying things.