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Anderson Cooper takes on William Tapley's penises at Denver International Airport

Anyone who has ever been blocked in while trying to drop off a passenger knows there are plenty of dicks at Denver International Airport. And anyone who has followed Westword knows that there are plenty of conspiracy theories about the place as well -- many, many theories. But those aren't the kinds of dicks -- or conspiracy theories -- that Anderson Cooper stared down on Friday when he made YouTube doomsday theorist William Tapley the first person ever to appear three times in the CNN corespondent's "Ridiculist" segment.

Cooper first brought up Tapley -- who calls himself the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of the End Times -- two weeks ago when he discovered Tapley's online video's pointing out Satanic symbols at DIA, including phallyic symbols.

Tapley's videos exposing what he believes are hidden male genitalia in several art works were too much for Cooper, who mocked him in John Stewart fashion. There are penises, for instance hidden in a mural of a penguin, as well as in the mane of Mustang, the giant blue horse, and even in the design of the airport itself.

But Tapley wouldn't be held down, and he and Cooper crossed swords a couple more times over the following week, culminating in Tapley's second and third appearances on the Ridiculist. Want all the close-up details? Check out the videos.

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