Celebrate with Sarah and Julie Slater at Gorinto tonight

Sarah Slater, founder of the Titwrench music festival, is a 2011 MasterMind award winner -- and it looks like smarts run in the family. Because tonight, Sarah and her sister, Julie Slater, will host a special edition of Gorinto to celebrate Julie's acceptance to college in Berlin, where she plans to go for her masters' degree this fall. "Julie has been admitted to a unique program that she chose because it fosters a staunchly feminist, anti-racist perspective that will foster her goals to create a masters' thesis analyzing global breast cancer politics in order to redefine 'prevention' and 'treatment' outside of corporate philanthropy and interests," says Sarah. [jump]

The evening also celebrates local music and food, and runs from 8 to midnight upstairs at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California; admission is $5 (with another $5 fr the veggie buffet). A silent auction will help raise money to cover Julie Slater's schooling expenses.

Here's the musical lineup: A Sense of Porpoise (accordian/banjo folk-punk fun)

Cardinal Veil (Julie Slater's solo project with electronics and strings and story) Nathan Hall (avant pianist and composer)

Serephine (cosmically ethereal vocals and keys)

Jason Cain (sweet and genuine folk)

With musical interludes by DJ SL8R + DJ Heather O.

Read Sarah Slater's MasterMind profile here.

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