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North Face: Another good climbing movie?

In the last few weeks, my compatriot-in-bloggery Candace Horgan took you through a nice solid retrospective of climbing movies both good and bad. And, a few quibbles notwithstanding (K2 is good? Honestly? And where's Cliffhanger?), I think she nails it.

But she might have to make room for a new climbing film -- one for the good list, surprisingly enough. The German/Swiss/Austrian film North Face retells the story of Andreas Hinterstoisser and Toni Kurz's fatal first ascent attempt of the Eiger north face in 1936. Filled with allusions to Nazi hubris and what look like realistic, gripping climbing scenes, this could be a winner.

Watch the trailer above.

he film opens stateside on Jan. 29, but showings seem scarce and limited to the coasts, so start petitioning the Mayan or the Esquire now.