What week is it? A breakdown of everything you could be celebrating, October 4-10

There is a holiday for everything. Sure, there are the big ones that everybody knows -- Christmas, the Fourth of July, Patriot Day -- but what about those obscure days and weeks of recognition and remembrance that fly under the radar, like National Pasta History Week, which may or may not actually exist, but in all likelihood does, because there is a holiday for seriously everything? So that you, dear reader, may have a reason less depressing to drink before noon, we're bringing you What Week is It, where we'll tell you about all the obscure holidays you could be raising a glass to. This week, for example, marks a very exciting start to National Dental Hygiene Month -- and there's much more.

That's right: If just the course of normal living isn't enough reason to brush your teeth anymore, now you have a national month to give you that extra push. But to each his own -- especially in October, because it's also Diversity Awareness Month, which will go over particularly well in England, since it's also British Black History Month.

If diversity's not exciting enough for you, try National Computer Learning month, when you can perhaps learn about how to keep your computer safe in observance of National Cyber Security Month, which it also is. On an unrelated note, it's also National Popcorn Month.

Or maybe you could just put down that popcorn, computer and toothbrush and go read for a while, since it's National Book Month. In conjunction, presumably, with that, today marks the beginning of Mystery Series Week -- what will it be next week? That's a (sorry about this) mystery. And if you're burning with anticipation to know, hose yourself down, friend, because it's Fire Prevention Week.

We apologize for that whole last paragraph.

Lastly, celebrations are always a good excuse to wear silly hats, but you'll get an even better excuse for your ridiculous headwear on Wednesday, when the world rises up as one to celebrate Mad Hatter Day.

Until then, and whenever else you want, here's wishing a very happy unbirthday to you.