The Santa Ratings: Chik-fil-A on Havana

This is not what we had planned. By all accounts, the Santa representative at the Aurora Mall -- ahem, the "Town Center at Aurora" --positioned in front of Macy's in a red suit and plopped down in a mildly sad, purple button-back chair was our guy. But after an elf explained that we had to go through "corporate" (we think she meant the North Pole) first, the kibosh was effectively put on any photo opportunity.

Luckily, at a Chik-fil-A not too far away, there was a Santa. Well, a person dressed as a cow dressed as a Santa, happy and willing to dance and pose for our camera. Apparently, the same anonymous person was also dressed as a cow dressed as a firefighter at The Gardens on Havana fast food joint just the day before.

It should also be noted that the service we received was like that of an overly attentive Applebee's. Do they bus your tables at McDonald's, let alone bus your table in a cow dressed as a Santa costume? We think not.