@DRUNKHULK makes statements in all caps, in turn making us LAUGH HARDER!

DRUNK HULK is possibly a one-of-a-kind Twitter profile -- the fictional character (created and existing solely for Twitter) uses the 140-character format to take big topics on in a simplistic way, expelling fairly complex thoughts using clunky sentences. He (or creator, writer Christian A. Dumais, rather) also does so in all caps, making his statements about fashion, politics and drinking mixed with bad puns more funny. In fact, it has been making us reevaluate why WE DON'T PUBLISH ARTICLES IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. Thanks, DRUNK HULK, for the idea! As advocates for making Shark Week an actual part of our lexicon, we can align with DRUNK HULK on this idea of becoming Shark Week. Every week should be Shark Week, and everything should be Shark Week. Like "Dude, that girl was so fine, she was looking like Shark Week," or "I am so hungry, my stomach feels like straight Shark Week right now." DRUNK HULK might be the only person (fictional or otherwise) who really understands our desire to use Shark Week in every inappropriate form possible, because, like him, we just want to be a part of popular culture. Poor DRUNK HULK. If this did happen, it was only because he has "drunk" in his name. Because they seem to just give babies away to anyone who is famous and wants a baby to look good next to their Birkin. DRUNK HULK may have uncovered the reason behind the latest study that shows Colorado to be the drunkest, most drugged-out state in the country: Because we aren't having nearly enough sex. We invented Crocs. Those awful shoe-things exist in way too many colors (don't get us started on the Broncos edition) and are worn by way too many people. People who couldn't possibly be getting laid, because they, these grown men and women, wear Crocs. Good call, DRUNK HULK.

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