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Most influential men of 2010: A rundown of's most obscure best

Yes, there are great men out there, influencing your world every day without your knowledge, and you could be one of them someday, assuming you're male. If you're a woman, there's another list you can be on, but it uses, ahem, slightly different metrics in determining greatness, which you may or may not be down with. If you're a man, though, you don't even have to be famous to be influential -- though it really helps. Here's a rundown of five of the more obscure, inspiring uber-men who made the cut.

No. 48: Steve SlaterYou may not have to be famous, but you will more than likely have to be rich, or really smart, and probably both, to make this list. The exception to that rule is Steve Slater, who is not rich, nor is he a genius, by all appearances. He's the man who got fed up with his job as a flight attendant and pulled the escape hatch on a JetBlue plane, after making an "I quit" diatribe over the PA system. So there you have it: All you need to do to be influential is to hate your job and quit said job in a reckless but hilarious manner. No. 46: Julian AssangeMuch more worthy of being named influential is Julian Assange. He is the smarty-pants behind Wikileaks, which you may have heard about. The website is the bane of corrupt political figures everywhere, as it gallantly exposes of all types of icky, potentially incriminating information that has gotten swept under the rug. He's doing us all a major favor, and he's doing it in style. Look at that smooth operator. Turns out it really pays off to be a nerd these days. No. 32: Dana WhiteDana White is the man behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a man-on-man battle of strategy, strength and skill where aggressive men wearing spandex roll around on the floor in a cage, tangled together in what often looks like something private that shouldn't be broadcast worldwide, punching and kicking each other in the face. This sport has been gaining popularity the past few years, and really, what's not to like? Meatheads beating on meatheads in a controlled environment is an age-old tradition going back to our earliest civilization. This man is just keeping the torch alive. No. 22: Ferran AdriaFood is apparently very influential. People love food, so it makes sense that people would love the people who make the food they love. Ferran Adria is one of those men. He is a master chef from Spain, at the world's "best" restaurant, whose meals probably cost more than your rent and who is going to be teaching a course at Harvard concerning culinary physics. Sounds daunting yet delicious. No. 8: Elon MuskThis man is enviable. For one, his name is awesome. For two, he's rich and super hip-looking, not to mention handsome. For three, he's a total badass for making Tesla Motors what it is today: the sleek car company that finally makes electric cars that are cooler than gas-fueled cars, which is a must if we're ever going to stop using gasoline and save ourselves from near-imminent environmental doom. The only way Americans will buy an electric car over the standard gas-guzzlers is if it makes them look awesome. Remember the first Prius? Fail, in terms of style points. No wonder few people bought it. Now, thanks to Musk, we have an electric car that America can believe in.