Gettin' Crafty: this wine is mine, bitch

For all those who give pom-pom critters for birthdays, feel an urge to stick googly eyes on everything or just occasionally get a twitch to fold some origami, we bring you "Gettin' Crafty" where we feature a craft you can easily make with minimal supplies and limited finances. If you hate getting your '99 Grenache confused with some neophyte's jug o' Rossi, we have just the thing for you. These will ensure that great aunt Martha sticks to her own glass at your next holiday event instead of drinking from whatever glass is closest. The gall of some people. Supplies

Wire cutters Pliers (needle nose if you have 'em) Cardboard Tape Eye pins (sold in the jewelry section at craft stores) Beads and/or other decorations


1. Figure out the size you want the rings to be. I estimated using a key ring and the rim of a beer bottle. No need to be exact. This isn't science -- it's a craft for pete's sake!

2. Make a cylinder template out of the cardboard and tape. You will be using this to wrap the wire around.

3. Take a wire eyehook. Now, I screwed mine up. I really should have gotten longer pieces instead of the 2" eye-pins once I bought, but I didn't want to make a special trip to Hobby Lobby. So I made do. Once again, craft, not science. As a result, I had to make a semi-circle out of one pin, then loop the second one through and around the first. It sounds tricky, but look at the photo and I think it will make sense. If you wanted to make life easier on yourself and not curse so much, just get 4" eye-pins.

4. Once you have made a circle around the template with the eye pin, add the bead or charm of your liking. Little pieces of thread or fabric tied on might also look nice. Or personalize them with initials and names. What a thoughtful host/ess you are.

5. Bring the straight-edge of the pin through the loop and bend the end to make a hook. Snip off the excess with the wire cutters.

6. Get a wine glass. Put the marker on. Pour yourself a drink. You did it.

As a result of settling for the shorter wires, mine look a bit wonky. Let this be a lesson: Never settle. Also, a shout-out to the nice lady in the Hobby Lobby aisle who gave me this idea. I hope yours turn out super festive.