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Have a gay best friend? Go to the Girls who Like Boys who Like Boys casting tomorrow

In this day and age of reality shows being devoted to every imaginable social phenomenon (recall, if you will, TV Lands's The Cougar), it was only a matter of time before one got devoted to the "fag hag" -- although the Sundance Channel's series goes with the considerably more PC title Girls who Like Boys who Like Boys. That series debuted December 7, and now it's inviting Denver to get in on the action in the next season. Or at least the fag hags of Denver, anyway.

The series, which notes that "the special relationship between a woman and her gay best friend" is a "bond that goes deeper than friendship," is holding an open casting call tomorrow night at -- where else? -- Boyztown, 117 Broadway, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Though the press release does not specify why the casting call is being held on a night normally reserved for party hats and binge drinking, it does request that you "Come dressed to impress and get ready for New Year's Eve."

All you have to do is bring your gay friend/be gay and bring your woman friend and show up, and you could experience fame on the scale of the promo spot above. Imagine! Until then, here's the Blur song that got stuck in our heads the second we learned the name of this series.