Photos: Bike Porn party at Denver Open Media, 12/4/10

When we read "Bike Porn" in the e-mail tip passed to us, we were a little more than intrigued. Did it mean there would be an exhibition of glossy 8" x 10"s, displaying polished bicycles in hot pedaling action? Or would it be some sort of mutated combination of pornography, wherein bicycle handlebars are inser... Anyway, and perhaps thankfully, BikePorn: 4Play was actually neither (although a little closer to the latter than the former.) It was more like this: "The Bike Porn film festival is a screening of DIY, bicycle-themed, erotic films." Westword freelance photographer Coleen Whitfield headed down to the Denver Open Media Foundation center at 700 Kalamath Street on Saturday night to get elbow-deep with some bike porn enthusiasts. If you ever wondered who goes to a bike porn film festival, we can answer your question with these photos. And if you're wondering what qualifies as "bike porn," we can answer that, too.