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Reader: Harold Camping is pushing his luck with Doomsday predictions

If the Rapture came this past May 21 -- as Harold Camping had predicted -- no one noticed. But not to worry: Camping, who was born in Boulder more than nine decades ago and went on to found a biblical empire, now says that the real date to focus on is October 21, when the world will definitely end.

In honor of that, Jef Otte is doing a Doomsday countdown this week, which celebrates Colorado's connections to other failed predictions that the end is near.

But Tyson isn't so focused on the (possibly very short) future that he's forgotten the past, and he posted this comment about Camping:

Last time he had -- or was allowed to have -- a stroke for predicting a date of the Lord's return. Likes pushing his luck, doesn't he?

What will you be doing Friday? And, more important, Saturday?

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