Anime and Cosplay

Nan Desu Kan 2013: Twenty unforgettable cosplay costumes

For a newbie, the myriad characters portrayed by cosplayers at the anime convention Nan Desu Kan are far more esoteric than those you'll see at a regular comic convention: Anime and manga -- Japanese cartoons and serial comics -- form a subset all their own, and their fans seem just a little bit more fanatical.

At NDK, a typical walk through the Marriott DTC turns up hundreds of those characters, from the most obscure to the anime superstars (and some who are purely imaginary, like our favorite Hello Kitty samurai guy), all dressed to the nine-thousands and ready to pose. Here are some of our favorites from over the weekend, caught for Westword by photographer Brandon Marshall. Check them out, and then see the full slide show.

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