Stupid ad of the week: Litago's tweeting cows

Advertising agencies work tirelessly to come up with new ways to tell us the same thing over and over again: "Hey, buy our shit. Don't you want to be happy?" Thankfully though, there are always a few ridiculous ads that make it through the brainstorming sessions of the world's copywriters that are just too bad not to notice, causing us to take pause and appreciate the stupidity of the human race, whereupon we may feel better about our own intelligence. To that end, we present a new ad from Norwegian dairy conglomerate Litago that is only slightly less stupid than the consumers it targets. Let's have a look.

One great thing about the Internet is that it allows us to stand safely in our ethnocentric bubbles and smirk at the weirdness of other cultures. Case in point: Litago. The milk company is apparently known for allowing its customers to vote on which flavors of milk it produces. (One can imagine this doesn't always look pretty.) We've all seen this sort of thing before, but now, in an ingenious cross-marketing blitz, the company is letting the cows decide, based on where they roam and are tracked by satellite (leave it to humans to come up with the most advanced ways to do stupid shit) while people can watch and get "tweets" from the cows.

Tweets. From the cows.

What's sad is that there are apparently enough people who are interested in cows walking around a field to make this type of ad campaign viable. Imagine: a legion of Scandinavian death-metal kids brooding in their parents' basements, their eyes intensely focused on their smartphones for days on end, trying to telepathically make the cows go towards the "bananers." Oh, Scandinavia, you're so deliciously charming.