Riding the Light Rail with no pants: Not just for the mentally unstable anymore

If you find yourself aboard the Light Rail this weekend minus your pants, you are involved in one of three possible contingencies: Either a). you have escaped from the ward again, b). your friends are jerks, or c). you are participating in the latest project from flashmob impresario Rick Gold, the man also responsible for October's Light Rail Flash Mob and Dance Party. Though Gold insists that his Denver Flash Mob is not technically involved in this one, possibly due to liability concerns, the nature of the event betrays his twin preoccupations -- trains and flashmobs -- this time subtracting both the dance and the pants.

The Denver No-Pants Light Rail Ride isn't the first pantsless train-ride project anywhere -- a few have taken place around the country, the first documented one being in New York (see the video of that below) -- but it is a first for our fair city. And it's not all that often you get the opportunity to make history while not wearing any pants (though God knows you've tried).

Due to its (very possibly gross) nature, the event is somewhat cloaked in secrecy (or maybe not cloaked -- yuks!), but we can tell you that it happens around noon on Sunday, and the initial meetup is at a Light Rail stop downtown. You can get the exact information 24 hours in advance by going to the event's Facebook page and signing up, and the Mob will fill you in with the details sometime tomorrow.

It's a long time to wait, we know, but (we deeply regret the following joke) keep your pants on.