The Weekend Snowdown: Wolf Creek, Crested Butte, Winter Park

Welcome to our weekly mountain buyer's guide, because skiing or snowboarding is much more fun than shopping.

1. Wolf Creek Yes, it's far away. Do you know how much snow they've had since December 6th? Suffice it to say it would bury Yao Ming up to about his nose. That's a lot of snow, my friends, so saddle up the SUV and head south. Because life is too short to keep skiing the same ten runs at A-Basin over and over again. Plus, they have daily "fun races," which cost you nothing to enter if you've got a lift ticket. You could win a medal and everything.

2. Crested Butte Lots of snow here as well, as you see above. And if you're someone who likes apres ski merriment, Crested Butte is practically the North Pole right now, with presentations of Miracle on 34th Street as a musical, ice carving done by people who do this sort of thing as a profession, and live music from Eve 6 and Pete Kilpatrick. 'Tis the season.

3. Winter Park Many of the earlier storms passed Winter Park by, but not the most recent one -- the mountain got over a foot this week. Just in time for the Winter Park Open, a regional qualifier for a position on the United States Disabled Ski Team. And the Surefoot Colorado Ski Cup -- Men's Giant Slalom. Skiing: the sport that lets you participate and spectate the pros at the same time.