Edie, the world's sexiest drag queen, on being a bar clown and living the dream

From a very young age, Edie was chasing a dream common to many young girls: She wanted to be a showgirl. Except Edie is actually a boy.

A dancer since age 8, Christopher Kenny spent years as a professional ballet dancer, but he never stopped chasing his real dream, the lights of Broadway, the big show. And if the way he's gotten there is a little unusual, well, that's okay with him. Now the central emcee in Circ du Soleil's Zoomanity show at the New York New York in Las Vegas, Edie is taking a short break in that grueling schedule to take his act on the road -- he stops through Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret tomorrow night. In advance, we caught up with him to talk drag, dance and why drag queens are basically bar clowns.