Menswear Mondays: marketing director David Keller on his neon EDM style

The weather was so nice this past weekend that people were out and about. Of the many Denverites absorbing the comfortable climate we spotted marketing director David Keller as a standout. Continue reading to learn his style icons, what city influences his fashion sense, and what his favorite, unusual accessory is. See also: - Menswear Mondays: Industrial dancer Jolt Holcomb on his Clockwork Orange style - Menswear Mondays: Graphic designer Vladimir Von shares his DIY style - Menswear Mondays: Student Asgeir Baldursson on his U.K. look Name: David Keller.

Spotted at: 19th and Blake streets, while exiting Beta.

Profession: Marketing director.

Favorite film: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S. Thompson's writing is biting and hilarious.

2013 jam: "Stache" by Zedd. I'm really into EDM (electronic dance music) right now.

Style inspirations/icons: I'm from Las Vegas and moved here a year ago for my girlfriend. My style is influenced by all of the lights and colors of the Strip, that sense of excitement. Also, I like timeless men's fashion from Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart.

Favorite accessory: I love ties, but tonight I guess it is this glow stick, or flashing light tube. I got it from an event in Vegas.

Favorite color: Yellow and red.

Style mantra: Always have fun when it comes to your personal fashion. If you are having fun, you'll feel confident.

Shops at: everywhere. I like to shop at Top Shop, Macy's, H&M, Ben Sherman and Express -- pretty much anywhere I can find nice clothes.

Style analysis: Keller show how to inject some excitement into classic menswear pieces. He pairs a simple, black skinny tie, blazer and Converse sneakers with a bright yellow button-up shirt and neon-colored light stick.

He makes his wardrobe fun by adding a pop of color and a flash of light that is reflective of his hometown of Las Vegas. But while Vegas and Sinatra may influence his style, he combines them in a new way for a timeless menswear light show.

When dressing, Denver, remain honest to your hometown and your heart.