Celebrate Mexico's bicentennial... with zombies

Is there anything that can't be made 65 percent more awesome with the addition of zombies? Most evidence points to "no," and this trailer for Zombies del Bicentenario (Zombies of the Bicentennial) just adds one more entry to that list of evidence. Is it real? Is it fake? Is it like the trailer for Machete, which started out fake but then later became real? (Come to think of it, Mexican filmmakers seem to have a knack for postmodern mind-fuckery.) Nobody seems to know. But there is one thing certain: It just made the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain at least 65 percent more badass. See it after the jump.

What's going on is pretty self-explanatory here, but just for clarity, here's a translation of the text in the trailer:

Two hundred years ago
Our heroes died
For our liberty
They have returned
Can we just pause for a second right here to point out how badass that line is? Okay, continuing:

The bicentennial
Is not about celebrating
It's not about winning
It's about surviving

Thanks to The Inevitable Zombie Apocolypse (shameless shill: Our own Cory Casciato runs the site) for throwing us the tip on this, because every bicentennial should probably have zombies. Mexico celebrates (or survives) its own tomorrow, and stay tuned for more coverage on that here on Show and Tell. Until then, watch out for the undead.