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Artist Jay Shaw on his love of bizarre cinema and even more bizarre film posters

"If I can avoid putting anything from the movie in the movie poster, then I'm doing okay," says artist Jay Shaw. His film- poster art, which has taken off over the past year as he's worked with Austin collectible art boutique Mondo, rarely includes characters, actors or anything from the actual movie. Rather, he's inspired by Polish poster artists from the '60s and '70s whose abstract move posters, he explains, are "almost like they had a fever dream about the movie the night after they watched it and then they woke up and they drew their weird dream." Shaw recently designed a special edition, commemorative print for the Denver FilmCenter's wonderfully weird cinema series The Watching Hour, which kicks off tonight, Friday, November 2 with The American Scream and special Starz Denver Film Festival programming at the Denver FilmCenter/Colfax.

We caught up with Shaw to talk about his love of weirdo film, working with Mondo, and The Watching Hour.

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