You be the judge as out-of-town snow virgins vie to become spokesmen for Colorado

The Colorado Department of Tourism will have some interesting spokespeople this winter -- namely, people who have never seen snow before. They're giving three finalists a three month, all expenses paid joy ride through the amusement park we call home. All the winners have to do is document their experiences on youtube/facebook/twitter/flickr.

According to Tourism spokesman Roland Alonzi, we sometimes get complacent about our winter, and he hopes this competition will help restore that childlike wonder.

All you have to do to enter is upload a video to the contest's web site. Of course, as a member of our readership you're almost certainly saw snow last week and are therefore not eligible. But you can vote on the videos. Right now there are only 15 on the site. The one above is probably my favorite (in case you didn't watch it, here are the tags he used: snow, snowflakes, Oregon, Salem, McMinnville, Space Jam, California, skiing, bunny slope, backyard, leaves, fall, toadstools, mushrooms, cat, pineapple express), although the girl from Thailand who starts her video with an enthusiastic, "Hi everybody! I'm a virgin! (pause) A snow virgin!" is pretty hysterical as well.

The deadline for entrants is November 22. Five semi-finalists will be selected by us, the voting public, and five will be selected by a panel. Those ten will be flown to Colorado for an audition, and the three winners will spend the first three months of 2010 being whisked around the high country.

Alonzi says they'll spend one month each in three base camps in to-be-determined locations and go on various exhibitions and adventures from there. And if the current crop of videos is any indication of the people who will wind up doing this thing, it will be a strange and magical journey for all of us.