A guy trying to jump off a roof stars in your moment of schadenfreude

Any time you jump off a roof, it's a stupid idea. In fact, probably the only way to make jumping off a roof even stupider than it inherently is would be to announce your knowledge of the stupidity of the act in advance of going ahead and doing it anyway. And if there's anything that can enhance one's glee at the misfortune of others, it's when that misfortune is entirely deserved, as it is when this guy fails at jumping off a roof and onto a trampoline.

Ah, the bargaining chips of stupidity:

"If I hit my ass, I'm gonna smack you."


Well then. I suppose I'll go ahead and hit my ass anyway? On the other hand, the guy filming did offer himself up for slapping as consolation -- one doubts, though, if he ended up following through.