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Denver TV host Chris Parente gets bitch-slapped by Steve Carell

Don't talk shit to Steve Carell, because apparently he will slap you like a bitch. Not in a scary, Wayne-Brady-turned-evil kind of way -- no, Steve Carell is way too nice for that, and also, in a weird way, he's even scarier. Because somehow, Steve Carell is a sweet enough guy that he will actually talk you into consenting to get bitch-slapped by him, which he convinced Everyday Show host and general Denver gadabout Chris Parente to do in an interview with him -- multiple times. Check out the video:

Sadly, Parente doesn't get bitch-slapped in every episode of the Everyday Show (note to Everyday Show: Consider picking this up), but the show is still worth checking out; catch it on Channel 2 at 10 a.m. weekdays.

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