Lee Lee's Quest is our browser game of the week

Marcus Richert's Lee-Lee's Quest isn't a game you play because it's going to move you or impress you with its visuals or even offer a challenge -- you'll play it because it's weird, humorous, self-referential and just plain bizarre. It shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as how it's coming to us from Adult Swim, but it probably embodies the ideals of the late night programming better than any game we've seen from it so far.

As Lee-Lee, you quest to find your girlfriend, Lou-Lou, who is actually not your girlfriend, but rather a male ball who looks like your girlfriend. Or it is your girlfriend and you just refer to your boyfriend as your girlfriend -- either way, Boss comes around and steals him away and you're not happy with it, so you chase after him.

What comes next is a series of pretty typical platforming levels, but as the story unfolds, it ends up turning into something of a take on Harry Nilsson's The Point! as all of the geometric shapes in town seem to hate on you being a circle. To express their hate, they call you names, insult your intelligence and get in your way, so you have to stomp on them.

There's also a weird meta-layer of the game going on, with your character occasionally remarking on the level design or the sound effects. He'll also question why you're so interested in picking up the scoring mechanism in the game, shovels. It's a statement about the absurdity of most platformers and it works well here, mostly because you can cruise through the game in around fifteen minutes, so it never outstays its welcome.

Being a platformer, it offers power-ups, including an invincibility newspaper -- which is odd, but fits in with the absurdity of the rest of the game. There is also a power down, where if you grab a star you'll lose your clothes and be forced to run around naked -- pushing down on the keyboard also makes you poop, although there doesn't appear to be a clear reasoning as to why you'd want to do that.

Lee-Lee's Quest is a short game with a lot of humor packed into it (if you can afford to play with the sound on, do so -- you'll chuckle to yourself at least a couple times). Play it here.

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