Street Fashion: "Dr. Bob" Vitaletti at Larimer Square

Some people just stand out. Whether their style is cutting-edge, quirky or just well executed, they make you want to know: How do they do it? Because we work for you, dear reader, we're finding out. Each day, we hit the streets and talk to one person who catches our eye and makes us look twice. Today, we caught up with "Dr. Bob" Vitaletti, whose sleek, vintage-modern ensemble looked a lot like something the cast of Mad Men would wear to a round of golf. Find out how he does it after the jump: Name: Bob Vitaletti Age: 59 Occupation: Psychologist

Westword: Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Bob Vitaletti: You know, I've been living in the downtown area for 26 years now, and I've seen Denver change a lot -- there's a lot of people who come from different places down here with different styles. And I think Denver needs style, to cheer itself up sometimes, so I like to participate in that.

Where do you like to shop? BV: I like to shop locally, and I like to support the local economy. I got this hat at the hat shop right down the way.

What's your favorite article of clothing that you own? BV: It's shoes that are very similar to these ones that I'm wearing, but they're black and white. People don't know whether they're really cool or they're bowling shoes.